About us 


Our mission is to facilitate the commercialization process through an online store for producers of roasted coffee in Colombia, to distribute your product in the international market, allowing it to receive the aid that electronic media offer and also our strategic alliances, to facilitate packaging, transportation, currency reinstatement and payment of taxes, in compliance with all national and international legal requirements.



Strengthen and solve agile, reliable and efficient marketing of roasted coffee on the international market.


Position the Colombian coffee globalized way to market a quality product, generating not only the welfare of different producers, but the satisfaction and well-being of customers and / or consumers worldwide.


Consolidate as the coffee shop online number one for excellence, efficiency and product quality, service, innovation and technology, in order to generate satisfaction to our customers around the world and producers.



To be recognized as the first and best roasted coffee shop Colombia, for our variety of regional offers and the quality of our products, making us the future a benchmark for high quality roasted coffees of Colombia.


Maintain quality services to keep us as the number one in the coffee shops online.

Serve producers to achieve their objectives in positioning its product worldwide.